Who am I?

Some more about me

I am a member of IARTA, EATA and the Metanoia institute which is where I trained, having always been fascinated by how people think and live. My own experiences have led me to be passionate in helping others fulfil their potential. As part of my commitment to the work I keep up to date with the latest research and training available.

My first hand experience of working in the arts has given me an understanding of the pressures involved and enables me to specialise in helping those suffering with any form of performance anxiety.

Performance anxiety is not just limited to the stage though; I can help if it strikes in social circumsatnces, job interviews, public speaking or simply getting yourself out of the house.

I am particularly interested in how all forms of trauma impact us and the various ways we as individuals can integrate our minds and bodies.

My accreditations

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Emma Black MSc. CTA, Dip TA

Psychotherapist & Counsellor

Not taking any new clients till March 2024

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